Mario Alberto Gonzalez 

Legend5 Fut5al est. 1996

Club Director, Founder, Coach 1996

II have been a member of USFF since 1993. I started my futsal career as a volunteer coach for the Boys & Girls Club of America.  I then moved to another community services agency MEXICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY SERVICES AGENCY (MACSA), 1996. In 2011 we rebranded to Legend5 Fut5al.

My Story

Since 1996 Legend5 Fut5al has won over 100 NATIONAL TITLES. Making us the winningest club in the nation.


We know that since one can “OVER COACH,” we believe that “ we coach as a system according to the personnel” that we have, and we believe that every player is first treated as a person. I coach with “The 41 Developmental Assets”  lessons in mind.


• U17 National Coach since 2016

• Finalist in IFA Scotland World Tournament 

• USFF Hawaii - Pacific Rim Champs

• USFF San José - Pacific Rim Champs

• USFF Santa Clara - Pacific Rim Champs

• USFF San Mateo - Pacific Rim Champs

• Tecate Cup Mx. - Champions

• Ensenada Mx.- Champs

• 100+ Club National Championships 


• USA World Champions- US Fl



• Courses That I completed have been facilitated by: 

• Andre Sanz - Coach of Coaches in US 2x

• Andreu Plaza - FC Barcelona In Spain Spain 1x, US 2x, 1x via Zoom 

• Diego Guistozzi - ElPozo Murcia FS , in USA 2x

• Inter FS in Spain 1x

• Project CornerStone “41 Developmental Assets “