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Open Men National Coach

My name is Ray Fuchs. I am a Brazilian American with a passion for futsal. Futsal is the most important and fundamental element in creating the best futsal and soccer players.

My Story

All the great soccer players started in Futsal. The USA desperately needs to invest as much as possible in developmental futsal programs in schools, supported by cities, states, universities, and the NCAA with facilities and leagues to improve the skill levels and compete at the highest levels of Futsal and Soccer worldwide. Futsal is the key to developing great players and the main driver to improving the performance of the US soccer national teams in international competitions.


I have had the privilege to participate in and win multiple USA national championships both as a player and as a coach and have also represented, through USFF, the USA in International competitions both at the club and national level in Brazil, China, Thailand, Honduras at the FIFA CONCACAF, FIFA Intercontinental CUP and IFA World Championships. U.S.Futsal Federation is a great supporter of Futsal and is doing a great job of improving the sport in the USA.

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